Friday October 8th 2010

Bing beats Yahoo!

The race for second place has never been so interesting ….

Typically the focus is on taking first place, but there has never been as much interest in placing second as there is with the race between Search Engine giants Bing and Yahoo!. Like a great race horse, the two jockey positions for second place and like a great horse race, we the American consumers, have our favorite horse in the race for a variety of reasons.  No matter who we place our bet on, we know that the “trifecta” will be some combination of Google, Yahoo!, Bing or Google Bing, Yahoo! – No matter what order, it is evident that these three are in the race to win (or place 2nd) and that success for businesses means being found prominently on all three Search Engines.

The development team at eLocal Listing are always monitoring our customers Search Ranking, Visitors and Conversion results.  Our in depth performance statistics indicate that Search Volume (as indicated in the attached article) doesn’t always translate in to the most calls for our customers and that a comprehensive internet marketing strategy must include being found on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing – or is that Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Take a look at this interesting article found on Search Engine Land that includes the latest Nielsen stats on Search Volumes.

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